FYI : Here is list of some of our special activities for the month of June. As activities are added they will be posted.

June 5th : MAC class will go to Parc Blanchard to meet their penpals
June 7th : Cycle One are heading out to Universite de Sherbrooke
: please note this is a regular school day (make up snow day)
June 10th : Provigo “free” Lunch & school picnic !!!
June 13th : Gr. 5 will be going to Granby Zoo
:PPO meeting at 7 pm
June 17th :Governing Board meeting at 6:30 pm
June 19th : End of year BBQ (held by the PPO)
June 20th : Grade 6 graduation
June 21st : Last Day of School
: Kindergarten Graduation
June 26th : Report cards will be available online