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Registration 2020
Registration 2020

Flu season is here!

Thank you

Please remind your children of the importance of washing their hands regularly. If your child has a fever, please keep them at home. Having a fever means that they are very contagious and we must do all that we can to prevent the spreading of germs.
Thank you for helping us keep all of our students and staff members healthy.


Presents : The Water Chronicles, Wed. Feb. 12th
The whole school gathered in the gym today to watch a superb play dealing with the our impact on the environment (specifically water) and how each of our actions can make a difference. This theme will be followed up on in our classrooms.
How wonderful it was to have Ms. Chloe Giddings, an L.E.S. alumni, as a principal actor in this production.
Here are a few pictures of our afternoon for your enjoyment.