Governing Board

The members of the Governing Board : 2019-20
*** To be posted as soon as possible

Les membres du Comité du Conseil d’Administration: 2018-19

Dawn Irving  Principal/Directrice
Teachers / Professeurs: Karen Christiansen, Jennifer Luce, Rodney Milonja, Bridget Sweeny
Support Staff: Kathy Anderson (still missing one support staff)
Daycare: Christine Ransom
Parents: Rene Lewis (Chair), Genevieve Dubois (Vice Chair), Jodi Coleman (Secretary), Angie Mason (Treasurer), Stephanie McCully, Nina Stubbert,
Mylene  Dubois

This year’s meetings will be held on :   
October 9th / 9 Octobre
November 12th / 12 Novmembre
December 10th/ 10 Decembre
January 14th / 14 Janvier
February 11 / 11 Fevrier
March 11th / 11 Mars
April 8th / 8 Avril
May 13th  / 13 Mai
June 17th / 17 Juin


*** Thank you for your involvement.