Read-a-Thon Activities


Dear Parents and Friends of LES,

Here is a list of activities planned for our Read-a-Thon fundraiser. Thank you for your continued support & participation !


Activity Checkist :

  1. Kick off assembly (Tues., Jan. 14th 1:15 pm in gym)

-pledge sheets sent home today

  1. Collection of pledges (Monday Jan. 14th to 25th)

-Pledge sheets and money due back at school no later than Friday, Feb. 1st  (even blank sheets for auditing purposes)

  1. Star Craft – (this activity will be completed in

Class. The stars will be displayed in the  cafeteria)

  1. Flashlight Friday (Friday, January 25th)

-The whole school will meet in the gym for a

quiet individual reading time. (Flashlights &  small blankets are optional if they wish to bring one in from home)

  1. Together Tuesday & Read a T-shirt (Tues, Jan. 29th)

-    Thank you for encouraging your child to wear a T-shirt with an appropriate message that others can read

-    Buddy Reading with another class will take place today

  1. D.E.A.R. time

-To be held in class, 15 mts daily, on Jan. 30th, 31st &  February 1st

  1. Nightly reading & logs (3 consecutive nights, 15 mts.)

-The completed logs are to be handed in by Friday, February 1st, (Don’t forget to sign them)

They will be used for the book draw

  1. Dress up as your favorite book/cartoon character  (Date to be determined soon)

(optional, students can even wear a t-shirt with a book/cartoon character on it)

  1. Closing assembly  (Date to be determined soon)

– Final reveal of money raised

- Book Draw with Pam Bertram (many thanks !)