Wear Pink to School Day !

Our Anti Bullying campaign continues to be a priority at L.E.S.   Staff members and students not only supported the cause by wearing their Pink T-Shirt but had the opportunity to attend a wonderful guest speaker presentation regarding this issue. This topic was also brought back to class as a further discussion point.  Thank you for taking it a step further by making this a point of discussion at home as well.

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Basketball Pics from Feb. 16th



Thank you so much to our coach , Ms. Desbiens and our volunteers who took this wonderful group of athletes to the annual Basketball Tournament at S.E.S.
It was a wonderful experience that these athletes will not soon forget!

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March -Important Dates

March 5th – 9th     Spring Break, no classes for students

March 12th -          6:30 pm ,  Governing Board Meeting  *** postponed until further notice

March 12th -          *** Make up for missed school day on January 12th : Regular classes for students, no longer a Planning Day.

March 13th -          PPO meeting at 7:00 pm ***postponed until further notice

March 15th -          Ski Day for Cycle 3 students (Mont Orford)

March 29th -         Planning Day (which could become a school make up day in case of prior school cancellation)