Science Fair – Wednesday, March 22nd

Next Wednesday, March 22nd you are all invited to visit our annual Science Fair. The doors will be open to friends and family from 1:15-2:30 Wednesday afternoon.

This year all grade 4, 5 and  students will be participating in this exciting event. So please drop in.

The fair will take place on the third floor as well as the conference room on the second floor.

We look forward to seeing you,

Cycle 2 and 3 teachers and students

Congratulations to our Cheerleaders !

Congratulations to all of our Cheerleaders who had an amazing opportunity to cheer during the halftime show at a Bishop’s Women’s Basketball match!  (Wedenesday, February 23rd) We are so proud of all of you, thank you for representing our school in such a great way :)

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Bulletin Boards

Our Parliament is always on the lookout for making our school environment a better place. Their latest initiative had contributions from each student. They were asked to write one thing they enjoyed about our school. The result is a beautiful bulletin board. Come by and read the messages for yourself!
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