L.E.S- Field Trips & Activities – (June)

Please refer back to this page throughout the month as items may be added to this list.
Enjoy the remainder of the school year…where has the time gone ?

May 31st-June 1st                    Grade 6
                                                     Quebec City

June 1st, 8th 15th                      Freezie Fridays  (thank you PPO for these special Friday treats)

June 4th, 5th                             Naturalist Society Visit
                                                     (each grade will be assigned a block of time)

June 7th                                    Grade 3 & 4
                                                    Camp Livingstone

                                                    Grade 1 & 2
                                                    Sherbrooke University

June 11th                                   Music Concert
1:15 pm (family & friends)

June 13th                                 Grade 5
Granby Zoo

June 15th                                 Grade 6
                                                  Field Games (Sherbrooke)

June 18th                                Kindergarden Red and Blue, Cinema

June 19th                                PPO  lunch time BBQ

June 21st                                Grade 6 Graduation

June 22nd                              Kindergarden Graduation
                                                  9:30 am  (LES  gym)

June 22nd                              Last Day of school for students