Read-a-thon Activities : Jan. 22nd-26th

 Tuesday January 23rd :
As part of the Read-A-Thon activities your child will be reading with another student today. Buddy reading is always an exciting exchange with our students.

Students are also invited to wear a t-shirt with a saying or logo on it today.

Friday January 26th :
Today is the last day to turn in your money and pledge sheets for our read-a-thon. Please remember that every little bit helps and all sheets must be accounted for, so please return them to us.

How it works:

  • From January 15th to 25th, students collect pledges and record them on a pledge sheet
      • Sponsors donate an amount of their choice, with the expectation that the student they are sponsoring will read, at their level, a minimum of 15 minutes each night, for 3 consecutive nights
  • January 26th, deadline to return all pledges to school
  • From January 30th- February 2nd, students will read each night!
      • Students will have a reading log, which they will fill in and return to school each day during this week

During the Read-a-thon, there will be an extra focus on reading at the school, and several fun activities are planned to foster school spirit and community-building, including Together Tuesday, DEAR time, and Flashlight Friday (see details on the reverse of this paper).

The Fine Print

  • Should you or your child choose not to participate in the fundraiser, please return the blank pledge sheet as soon as possible, as we collect all sheets for auditing purposes.
  • Monies raised in the Read-a-thon will only be used to offset the costs for those students who participate in the collection of funds.

Thank you for supporting our students!

Sincerely, The LES Read-a-thon Committee