End Of Year BBQ & Trips !!! Thank You PPO !

P.P.O. Barbecue: Once again this year, our PPO will be sponsoring a free barbecue of hotdogs, drinks, chips and ice cream for all students and any parents who wish to attend. The barbecue will take place on Wednesday, June 21st, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. outside on the playground. Please note that the cafeteria will not be offering a hot meal on this day so it is important that you send cold lunch with your child if he/she doesn’t want to eat hotdogs. If you would like to come and help out with the barbecue, we would be happy to have some extra helping hands.

Class trips: We have been lucky so far and the weather has cooperated for our end of year trips. I would like to thank the PPO who contributed greatly in helping to reduce the cost of the trips to parents. Other fundraisers such as our Read-a-thon and certain individual class fundraisers helped to reduce costs as well. Kudos to everyone who helped to keep the cost of these trips to a minimum.